Information Security Policy

About Kitazato Corporation

As a manufacturer of life science related product,
Kitazato Corporation strive to contribute to the health and happiness of the people around the world
with our passion and knowledge of the assisted reproduction.
To secure customer and patient information we obtained through provision of our products and services
from threat of unauthorized access, crime, disaster or any error or omission,
we invest an appropriate management resources to enforce our security system both physically and technically.

With high awareness in importance of information security,
corporate manager and all the employee aim to build and maintain the trust with our customers and patients.
Thus, we establish the below Information Security Policy and implement it.

Security Policy


Information Security Management System

We are aware of the importance of information security and are to establish an applicable management system in order to assure the confidentiality, completeness and availability of the information asset.


Regulatory Compliance

We keep compliance with Private Information Protection Law as well as the related laws for information security, regulations, guidelines as well as security requirements on any agreement.


Control Policy Practice

We take decent measures to secure every information asset from any error or omission, accident, disaster, and crime based on our risk assessment result. Not limiting to redress or to prevent any information problem, we further enhance information security. If there were problem regarding information security, we take applicable action and prevent reoccurrence.


Educational Practice

We educate and train managers and employees to acknowledge the importance of information security and appropriately handle the information asset.


Continual Improvement

We continuously improve our information security by evaluating our information control system and by reexamining our Information Security Policy as well as the related rules on a regular basis.

October 3rd, 2019
Kitazato Corporation
Futoshi INOUE, MBA. Pharm.D, Ph.D.


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Being ISO certified company,
we ensure high-quality product and also be environmentally-friendly.

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